Stuttering Community (Parents too!)

For my community (parents or people who stutter):

I would have loved to have read a book about a strong brave character who stutters when I was growing up. Equally as important I want people who do not stutter to read these books.

For people who stutter and parents, if you are interested in meeting other people who stutter I can connect families with other families and adults to each other. Send me an email with a bit about yourself and where you live in Canada and I’ll start my search.

For Parents who would like to join the “Parents Stutter Talk Canada” Facebook group, please click on this link  There are many links to latest research and articles on stuttering that are from scientific journals or blogs from people who stutter (PWS) on this group.

Below are some books, and organizations


Stuttering is Cool        By Daniele Rossi


Out with it: How Stuttering Helped me Find my Voice    By Katherine Preston



Canadian Stuttering Association

National Stuttering Association

International Stuttering Association

The Stuttering Foundation