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This is the home of the children’s book series

“Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero”

These empowering stories talk about stuttering in a matter of fact tone with the goal to fostering empathy and acceptance for children who stutter.  The art also purposefully reflects all different examples of diverse abilities, nationality and cultural practices.

These books are for everyone. We all have challenges and children can relate and connect to these books even if they do not stutter.

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FREE DIGITAL BOOK #4, Click on the link below  

Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero Adventure #4 Melissa Stays Home

For a behind the scenes look at the creation of book #4
and the children involved in the creation of their art, click here.

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Other books:


Click to view Why do I Stutter?  Why Do I Stutter(Kim Block)

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Sample pages for Adventures of a Person who Stutters: Reflection Guide

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Review for Adventures of a Person who Stutters.

“The author’s background in human relations and experience as a person who stutters comes together very well in this workbook. As a clinician, I appreciate that clients at different ages and stages of acceptance can complete aspects of this workbook by themselves or in sessions. The aspects of reflection chosen by the author are relevant and important. I believe that this workbook will help the reader reflect on the impact of stuttering on their lives and ways that they can change this impact. The exercises can easily be incorporated into therapy sessions as well. As a clinical educator, I see value in this workbook as a tool for beginning students to introduce and discuss difficult topics during therapy sessions.”

Anu Subramanian, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Professor
Director of Clinical Education in SLP
Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic
Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Iowa