Written by Kim Block

  1. Human Variation
  2. Speaking Out Loud
  3. Why Do I Stutter?
  4. Stuttering Joy
  5. Worry Bugs Need Hugs

1. Human Variation

What it is to be human
To wake up and feel alive

We process our world through our senses
But something inside us lies

With so many people around us
Our world and systems complex

We try to fit concepts, people into boxes
Trying to define the mess

By carving people into sculptures
We shave off the rest

To shove aside, oppress and hide
Similarity is the best?

What a loss we all experience
When all we want is same

The jewels and shine of humanity
Float to the ground and become shame

Until the frozen people
Are so sick and tired of the cold

They break through the harness
To speak their mind and be bold

We are all variations of humanity
Beautiful, strong and unique

We are diverse in our human attributes
We honor each other when we meet

When we meet at the point of connectedness
When something inside us that lies

The human spirit is boundless
Variation is what makes us fly


2. Speaking Out Loud

Speaking out Loud?
Are you kidding?

Saying my words
To be heard?

Too much of a risk
I’d rather you miss
My dreams, my humor, my words

I’m used to be being passed by
I just give a small smile to say hi

It’s fine with me
I’d rather not be
Speaking out loud
Or be heard

But who am I kidding?
Who’s really winning?

Am I helping us all
When I shrink and be small?

Can society evolve
When I play a part?

Does hiding inspire kindness?
Don’t we all have a heart?

Maybe one day
I’ll get brave and say

I am here
I am beautiful
I have something inside

That is bursting to be
Just wait and see

Because starting today
I will be brave

Speaking out loud to be heard.

3. Why Do I Stutter?

Why is my hair red
just like Uncle Fred?

Why do I dance like Daddy
And hate pickles like cousin Maddy?

Why does my smile look the same
As Grandpa James?

Why do I stutter?

Why does my mouth feel tight
My tongue in a fight
My stutter tries to flee
While I am saying the word th-th-three

Why do I stutter?

Before you were born
You had a great grandfather
He also stuttered
And also his mother

Your part of this family
Through and through
Stuttering has been around for ages
It’s not anything new

You stutter my child
Because of family history
There is nothing wrong with you
It’s not a big mystery

Just like your family before you
You need to be strong
And teach other people
Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong!

It’s not a big deal
When your lips want to dance
You still have plenty to say
So dance, dance, dance!

Please don’t interrupt me
And guess what I say
It just adds pressure
You get in my way.

I expect patience and respect
No doubt about that
Could you trade places
And not want to trade back?

I am so excited
And have lots to say
I expect patience
So have a seat, and I’ll tell you about my day

4. Stuttering Joy

OH the joy to stutter
OH the joy to be free

You think you have me pinned
That I must be___________

To be fluent in control and fearful
Trust me, I’ve had enough
A full earful

HA HA jokes on you
I am not standing in your shoes

I actually have strength
I lead, not follow

We are separate people
I don’t bend and wallow

You may let your fears lead,
I am sorry, but that is not me

Don’t give me your weakness
I have my own strength

Don’t give me your attitude
I’ll rise above and not walk the plank

It’s hard work to deflect you
I must say you are persistent

Thanks goodness I have practiced
No problem, I’ll resist it

Again….and again….and again

I love to stutter
My lips to flutter

I feel whole and complete
This is how I was meant to be

I was born this way
What else can I say

I love being me
And I am bursting
Can you see?

Because I define me


5. Worry Bugs Need Hugs
I worry when you’re not with me
What if something goes wrong?
Will you come back and get me?
What if my wait is long?

What if I am expected…
To do something I cannot do?
Will I feel bad inside?
Or will I worry you?

Sometimes I just need a hug
To feel you by myside
For you to sit beside me
So my worry bugs will hide

Sometimes I feel so confused
I am not sure what to do
My worry bugs need a hug
I feel safe when I am with you

I wish I could stay with you forever
I will tape you to my side
But then you start to bore me
Maybe you should go and hide?

I’ll come back and get you later
I’m busy having fun
My friends are really funny
I just played a game and won

Being brave can be really great
I like going somewhere new
because I know I’ll always come home
And tell everything to you